3. Counterattacks are a potent weapon in the game and both teams must battle hard in the middle zone to win the ball. 4. Here a second goal is scored when the white team intercept and plays a great through ball switching play and catching the defence out. 5.


Find Handball drills fast and easy and create a training session instantly. shoot from a distance; Instruct defending team: tapping the ball, defending frontal.

The defensive players work on correct positioning between the ball and the offensive player they are guarding. After drilling the basics, you can go to the "live shell" drill, or the "4-on-4-on-4 three stops drill" (below), and make it competitive. All defenders must learn how to play good 1-on-1, on-ball defense. In this drill, each player has a partner (opponent) that he/she goes against 1-on-1.

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The 1-1 defense strategy is a must to have top drills if you want to save a lot of 2. Resist The Pass. 3. Transition Position.

· Five-on-Five Dig or Die Drill.

No direct paths - As the player guarding the screener comes up to “hedge the ball screen” (attempt to stop the ball handler from getting north – south), they want to make sure they don’t jump too high over the screen, as this will lead to them being “split” by the ball handler and beaten to the hoop. Stay tight on the screener, step through with your bottom foot over the screener’s top foot and try to force the ball handler up high, away from the hoop.

1 on 1 Defense – Most Important Basketball Defense Drills. The 1-1 defense strategy is a must to have top drills if you want to save a lot of 2.

On ball defense drills

Get your FREE Ebook - 11 Basketball Defense Drills & Special Bonus! https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/lg/defense-drills.htmlIn this video, you’ll learn

Here the defenders must react quickly or they will lose a goal. It encourages teams to close   If you want to play tough ball pressure defense basketball then you need to Of Defensive Drills Designed To Help You Improve At Defending Ball Screens,  This drill can also be done as a 5 on 4 type of drill. Set Up: You start with three defenders and four offensive players. The ball starts on the wing. RESULTS 1 - 45 of 256 Our videos of volleyball defense drills can help get your team to the next level. At any level China drill: Ball control and conditioning. Defensive Drill.

On ball defense drills

Below you’ll find our collection of game-situation defensive baseball drills, all involving multiple players. in Defense drills Move the point guard in the opposite direction of the offense to disrupt the opposition’s timing and cohesion while still covering rolling screener.
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On ball defense drills

We want our defense to turn the ball at least 3 times prior to crossing the half-court line.

When their attacking player has the ball, they need to defend from 3 feet away getting their arms up. Purpose: To help teach the off-ball defender the responsibilities when applying pressure defense.
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Taking the shell drill to another level. This is a great half-court game that teaches players to interrupt passing lanes, help on defense and protect the paint. If your players are struggling on defense, this is a great drill to remind them of the fundamentals and key aspects that are necessary to play at a high level. 7. Deflections drills.

Have a clear aim and focus.